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How much are ATEEZ tickets usually? ›

How much are ATEEZ tickets? You can find ATEEZ tickets for as low as $48.00, with an average price of $75.00.

Are the ATEEZ tickets sold out? ›

'Deja Vu' singers ATEEZ sell out the 2022 world tour in US, Europe, and Seoul. ATEEZ's Beginning of the End world tour was announced a week and a half ago, on November 14.

When did ATEEZ tickets go on sale? ›

Ateez All Tour Dates and Tickets

For the new dates, the general public on-sale begins as early as December 9. Presales for ATINY begin December 7. Local venues / radio presales will follow. Tickets for the previously announced shows are now on sale.

Is ATEEZ in America? ›

While Ateez have gradually caught on in South Korea, they gained an international fan base quickly, launching the Expedition tour in March 2019 — a scant six months after their debut — which took them through the U.S. and Europe.

How many hours is ATEEZ concert? ›

ATEEZ Concerts usually last for around 1 hour to 3 hours however this is dependent on the setlist (songs that are planned to be performed).

What do ATEEZ VIP tickets include? ›

We carry a variety of VIP Ateez entertainment packages that include pre-event hospitality such as a private upscale dinner or tailgate party, first class limousine service, deluxe hotel accommodations, VIP parking, celebrity autograph and meet and greet sessions, gift items and more.

When did ATEEZ come to the US? ›

The Expedition Tour
North America
March 20, 2019ChicagoUnited States
March 22, 2019Atlanta
March 24, 2019New York City
17 more rows

How long did the ATEEZ concert last? ›

How long is the show? The show will go on for approximately 3 hours. *Runtime and programs may be subject to change due to onsite conditions or other external factors. What are the available ticket tiers?

What does ATEEZ stand for? ›

Name. ATEEZ is an acronym for "A TEEnager Z", It also stands for "A to Z" meaning everyone, they are a group of teenagers who are aiming to do everything they can enthusiastically.

Is AXS tickets legit? ›

Every ticket purchased on AXS is guaranteed real and authentic, but too many tickets on other sites are fraudulent. Working with our event partners, we're taking real steps to end this problem. When you first create an account on AXS, you're given an AXS Mobile ID, the secure and unique digital code for your tickets.

Is ATEEZ on tour right now? ›

ATEEZ is currently touring across 1 country and has 2 upcoming concerts. Their next tour date is at Accor Arena in Paris, after that they'll be at Accor Arena again in Paris.

How long do K-Pop concerts last? ›

A typical kpop concert lasts two to three hours, starting from the moment the first song begins until the artist or group leaves the stage after their final encore performance. The bigger the concert and the more acts that are scheduled to perform, the longer the concert will be.

How famous is KPOP in USA? ›

According to a survey conducted in the United States in 2019, around 29.4 percent of respondents stated that K-pop was very popular in their country. A further 30.8 percent reported that it was quite popular.

Who can speak English in ATEEZ? ›

The best English speaker in the group would be Hongjoong. Although he's not entirely fluent, he's able to converse and answer questions in English! Seonghwa would be the second best. Yeosang, San, and Jongho are at a beginners' level but they are trying their best!

Who was the opening act for ATEEZ? ›

The concert began with a surprise guest opener: trainee group KQ Fellaz 2 (think of them as a minor league team for ATEEZs management company, KQ Entertainment).

How long is ATEEZ soundcheck? ›

Some artists tend to stage in one area of the stage during soundchecks. However, that wasn't the case for ATEEZ as they went all around the main stage, runway, and the smaller stage near the general audience. Soundcheck finished in 30 minutes.

How long should my concert last? ›

So how long is a concert exactly? A rock concert is generally about 3 to 4 hours long. This depends on how many acts are on the lineup. Typically there are three performers for the night, with the headlining artist playing the longest set.

Do VIP tickets mean you meet the artist? ›

A VIP package will always include reserved or general admission tickets to the event, and may include one or some of the following: Meet and greet with the artist. A photo with the artist. Exclusive access to a private pre-show soundcheck.

Do you need a clear bag for ATEEZ concert? ›

Clear bag policies do apply to the ATEEZ concert. The Forum encourages guests to travel light for a safer experience. The clear bag policy states that clear bags must be equal to or smaller than 12” x 6” x 12”.

What is the difference between VIP and tickets? ›

Regular ticket: Standard general admission. VIP ticket: A higher-priced ticket that offers attendees something extra and exclusive (examples include, a 1:1 meeting with a high-profile speaker, or access to a unique session).

When did K-pop get big in the US? ›

While K-pop is a large part of South Korean culture, it took a while for the United States to jump on the K-pop bandwagon. It wasn't until Psy's 2012 mega-hit “Gangnam Style” was released that K-pop had its big breakthrough in North America.

Which ATEEZ member went on hiatus? ›

In November 2020, ATEEZ's Mingi took a break from activities due to symptoms of psychological anxiety. He continued his hiatus during ATEEZ's comeback promotions in March 2021, although he participated in the album recording.

Who was the last to join ATEEZ? ›

MG : I chose Treasure, it's kinda my taste. When i heard Treasure first i was like "oh i like it" and witj Pirate King i was like :o. Q : In which order did the members join KQ? Yunho : Hongjoong was the first to join, then me, then Mingi, San, Seonghwa, Yeosang, Jongho and Wooyoung was the last one.

Is ATEEZ popular? ›

ATEEZ became one of the only five K-pop groups to reach the Top 3 of Billboard's Top 200 Albums charts. It marks the group's highest point in their nearly four-year long career. The achievement brought the group to the forefront, especially in the eyes of South Korean netizens, as they made history despite all odds.

How long is longest concert? ›

The current Guinness record for longest concert by multiple performers is held by Ri Ra, an Irish pub on the Las Vegas strip whose 2014 gig clocked in at 372 hours, 10 minutes.

What was ATEEZ last comeback? ›

'Spin Off : From The Witness' marked ATEEZ's their second domestic comeback in 2022, following their ninth mini-album 'The World Ep 1: Movement', which arrived in July with the title track 'Guerrilla'.

Does ATEEZ live in a dorm? ›

Like most K-pop idols their age, the members of ATEEZ all still live together in what they refer to as a dorm. Eight young men in one apartment is a lot to handle — but if there's friction, it's extremely minimal, according to the members.

Why are ATEEZ fans called ATINY? ›

19. ATEEZ: ATINY. The fandom name was actually chosen through asking fans to make suggestions! ATINY is a combination of the words ATEEZ and DESTINY, meaning that ATEEZ and their fans were destined to meet.

What do ATEEZ call their fans? ›

ATINY is ATEEZ`s official fandom name. The name was announced by ATEEZ on V Live on November 17, 2018, beating other possible names, AZEET, TREASURE, ZEETA, and ZTEEZ.

Is AXS owned by Ticketmaster? ›

AXS (pronounced access) is an American ticket outlet for sports and entertainment events, founded in 2011 and owned by Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), the world's second largest entertainment promoter behind Live Nation Entertainment.

Is AXS different than Ticketmaster? ›

is AXS the same as ticketmaster? Will vip tickets for bts be available via AXS too or is it just through ticketmaster? AXS and Ticketmaster are separate companies. AXS is the official ticketing site of The O2.

Does Ticketmaster use AXS? ›

AXS. Create an AXS account with the same email you used to purchase these tickets on Ticketmaster. Claim your tickets in the email you received from AXS. Install the AXS app before your event.

Where is the ATEEZ concert in LA? ›

ATEEZ - The Expedition tour in Los Angeles | GLOBE THEATRE.

What time is the ATEEZ concert in Chicago? ›

Saturday, November 19, 2022 at 7:30 PM.

Is the ATEEZ concert in Newark Cancelled? ›

Due to COVID-19 concerns, the ATEEZ (에이티즈) The Fellowship: Map The Treasure USA tour dates have been temporarily cancelled with the hope of rescheduling at a later date.

What should I wear to a K-pop concert? ›


What K-pop group lasted the longest? ›

Shinhwa made history in the Korean music industry by becoming the longest-running Korean boy band with the release of its sixth album, Wedding (December 2002). The album debuted and peaked at No. 3 and sold over 273,700 copies.

How old is the average K-pop fan? ›

The average age of a K-pop fan is 23 years old, and over half are female. This young demographic has transformed K-pop into a social media phenomenon.

What is the average price of a BTS ticket? ›

BTS Ticket Prices
CityVenueAverage Ticket Price
OaklandOakland Arena$540
AnaheimHonda Center$317
Los Arena$425
ChicagoUnited Center$415
6 more rows

How much would TXT tickets cost? ›

How much are TOMORROW X TOGETHER tickets? TOMORROW X TOGETHER tickets can be found for as low as $76.00 with an average price of $250.00.

How much do BTS tickets cost per person? ›

The BTS India Concert 2022 Ticket Price

Online tickets for the BTS India concert in 2022 worth anywhere from Rs 1,000 – Rs 50,000.

What is the cheapest price of BTS concert ticket? ›

Tickets for the live event are available on PVR's website and app, and prices range from Rs 1500 to Rs 4200. The recorded concert is also available at a lower cost of Rs 1000 – Rs 1800. After the show, BTS members who are now on Instagram spoke with fans.

What is the highest BTS concert ticket price? ›

These tickets provide access to a special viewing area and include perks such as meet-and-greet opportunities and exclusive merchandise. As a result, they can cost upwards of $2,000. BTS VIP Packages + Meet and Greet Tickets – Tour 2023/2024. VIP Package Pricing: Front Row $10969, Diamond $8125, Gold $6500..

How much are BTS concert tickets in America? ›

Floor prices are a whopping Rs 25.7k and then there are different stadium tiers that range from $283 (Rs 21k), $233 (Rs 17.3k), $184 (Rs 13.7), $134 (Rs 10,000), $97.80 (Rs 7,290) and $79.25 (Rs 5,910).

Is there an age limit for TXT concert? ›

Is there an age requirement to attend? The show is for all ages.

How much is an Enhypen concert ticket? ›

How much are ENHYPEN tickets? You can find ENHYPEN tickets for as low as $151.00, with an average price of $230.00.

How much did BTS online concert cost? ›

Meanwhile, 1.4 million fans flocked to select theaters around the world to watch the concert, paying $35 in the U.S. and 5,100 yen ($43) in Japan. These viewings took place at 3,711 locations in 74 countries and regions, according to Big Hit Music, a unit of Hybe, the South Korean entertainment group that manages BTS.

What is the cost of first row of BTS concert? ›

With this, it has delighted all of its fans, who are overjoyed. According to media sources, they are scheduled to visit India in September 2022. Moreover, the cost of tickets for the BTS concert in India in 2022 varies from Rs 1000 to Rs 50,000.

How much is BTS first seat concert ticket? ›

The price of a regular BTS live event is $ 242, approximately India Rs 18,500. If you want a premium ticket, its price is approximately 7875 $ Indian 60,0000 rupees.

How much are VIP BTS tickets in Korea? ›

Bts concert ticket price, Don't miss the spectacular K-Pop group from South Korea by purchasing BTS tickets from Vivid Seats in 2022. VIP in-person tickets for the event are priced at KRW 220,000 / $183.73 (VAT included). While this is as high as it gets, other tiers come at a pretty hefty cost too.

How much are exo concert tickets? ›

The cost of Exo tickets can vary based on a host of factors.
Exo Ticket Prices.
CityVenueAverage Ticket Price
Los AngelesKia Forum$189
New YorkPrudential Center$103

What is the cost of Blackpink concert ticket? ›

Blackpink India Concert Ticket Price- 2023
Ticket TypeDescriptionPrice
FLOOR STANDINGRow GA1-4 Tickets371$
Block410/411/412 (Row or Equivalent2 Tickets)372$
Row M2105 or 4 Tickets465$
Row J2103 or 4 Tickets383$
2 more rows

How many people attend BTS concert? ›

BTS' concert saw 50,000 people in attendance in Busan and garnered 49 million viewership during livestream; group performs 'RUN BTS' for the first time.


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