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Can You Eat Chicken Salad While Pregnant?

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In 2020, there is a lot of knowledge regarding the safety of food, but what about those same foods during pregnancy? Is there any reason that pregnant women shouldn’t eat certain foods that a non-pregnant would have no problem-consuming?

It’s difficult to keep tabs on all the do’s and don’ts in pregnancy, but certain foods are not good for women with a baby in their womb to consume.

Let’s go over one of the most loved salads in the United States, a summertime favorite, and one that people consume on a regular basis – chicken salad.

If you’re pregnant you might be wondering if you can still have your favorite chicken salad, a lot of changes during pregnancy, how do your eating habits change too?

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Why Is Chicken Salad Potentially Dangerous

If you usually grab lunch to go to, from the deli, you might want to leave the chicken salad off your plate. The reason is that you have absolutely no idea how it was prepared, and there is a potential risk in consuming any food you don’t make yourself. While the risk may be low, it still exists.

Listeria could be in any pre-made meat dishes

Listeriosis monocytogenes, better known as listeria, is a very harmful bacteria that can cause infection in anyone, but especially among the pregnant population. Any pre-made meat dishes are at a higher risk of containing listeria.

Pregnant women who eat a contaminated chicken salad that has listeria could become very sick afterward.

The reason that pregnant women are at a higher risk for catching listeria is due to her immune system already being overworked to keep the body and baby she is growing safe.

It’s a lot of work to grow a baby, and this fact makes you particularly susceptible to illness and food poisoning during pregnancy.

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It won’t harm the pregnant mother as much as the baby though when a mother catches listeria. The fetus could potentially develop a severe infection like sepsis if their mother catches listeria.

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How Do You Eliminate Listeria Infection From Your Body Once You Have It?

You probably want to know how you would get rid of listeria if you did end up developing it.

Good question, listeria usually goes away on its own after the infection has run its course, during its active time in a pregnant mothers body, it can cause significant harm to the unborn baby.

Symptoms of listeria in a pregnant mother

Getting listeria is no joke, and there may or may not be symptoms that go along with it. If you believe that you have listeria or the lunchmeat you ate contained it – speak with your primary physician to see what the next steps you should take are.

The symptoms of each pregnant woman will vary, but they can include anything ranging from mild to severe flu-like symptoms, and considerable muscle aches or tiredness. The important thing is to get to a doctor as soon as possible if you believe you have listeria.

During pregnancy listeria can cause, still-birth, miscarriage, premature labor, and even a severe infection that passes along with the baby after birth. This infection can be serious for a newborn even life-threatening.

It’s Best To Avoid All Pre-packaged Lunch Meat or Premade Chicken Salad During Pregnancy

Since this is the case with all pre-packaged or lunch meats, pregnant women should avoid all meats of this kind. Some pregnant women do not display any signs of listeria poisoning at all, even though it has passed onto their unborn baby.

Make your own chicken salad at home to be safe

Giving up chicken salad would be hard during pregnancy if you especially love it. So we aren’t going to tell you to do that, we just advise you to make it at home in the safety of your own kitchen.

When you do this, you will know exactly when the chicken was cooked, and how long it will last in the safest zone for food consumption.

Since chicken salad contains common ingredients like mayonnaise, celery, and various other vegetables that are easy to come by – it should be easy to make your very own!

Foods made at home are cheaper and can taste better

The best part about making foods at home is that you get the opportunity to make a lot more of it, for a lot less money.

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You can buy a whole chicken, that gives you chicken broth, and all the meat for a lot cheaper than buying it frequently from the deli – plus it will taste better!

Having food on hand, that you can grab right out of the freezer, during the end of pregnancy is especially helpful. Chicken salad is filling and can be super nutritious for pregnant women.

Enjoy the all-time favorite right at home by purchasing the ingredients at your local grocery store.

What chicken salad ingredients should I avoid during pregnancy?

If you’re an avid lover of chicken salad, you probably know that certain toppings are a big hit for many.

Avoid these cheeses to avoid potential listeria infection during pregnancy

There are certain cheeses that you will need to avoid with all the chicken salad you’ll be eating. Any of the following cheeses are a no-go during pregnancy, soft unpasteurized cheeses (queso fresco, brie, feta).

Avoid raw undercooked and unwashed vegetables during pregnancy

In addition, these toppings should not be eaten during pregnancy; raw vegetables that haven’t been washed, radish -alfalfa – clover sprouts that are undercooked.

What Are The Most Common Signs Of Being Infected With Listeria Infection?

Sometimes when pregnancy happens, we eat a chicken salad before even knowing it’s not a good idea. This is the case for many pregnant women who have lived on to see healthy days afterward and did not come down with Listeria Infection.

Sometimes our minds will not settle. Though, unless we know the signs and symptoms to look out for when it comes to Listeria, you might want to contact your obstetrician if you experience any of the following symptoms after consuming any pre-made meats and chicken salad.

  • Cramping or pain in your abdominal region
  • Throwing up or feeling extra nauseous
  • Feeling like you might have food poisoning
  • Grogginess or being unalert overall
  • Your neck is stiff
  • Equilibrium being off causing you to feel off-balance
  • If you spike a fever

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Chicken Salad Isn’t The Only Food That Could Potentially Contain Listeria, Here Are The Others

Listeria can happen to anyone because there are many foods that hold potential for containing various infections or contamination- these are the many other foods to look out for and stray away from it at all possible at any point in pregnancy.

Uncooked hotdogs and lunch meat

As mentioned throughout this article, lunchmeat can contain Listeria. Hotdogs are another pre-prepared lunch meat that can cause Listeria poisoning – avoid hotdogs during pregnancy.

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Raw eggs or anything that contains eggs that are not cooked in it

If you make up some cake batter right at home, don’t lick the bowl. Raw eggs can be potentially dangerous to pregnant mothers due to salmonella poisoning.

Clams, shellfish, and oysters are a no-go

Vibrio is a bacteria that causes an intestinal disease called vibriosis – clams and oysters alike have the possibility of being contaminated with vibriosis.

Pate or any kind of meat spread that is unpasteurized

If you want to indulge in pate or pre-cooked meats, you will want to opt for the shelf version of these items which is generally in cans. Meats that are pre-cooked have the possibility of containing listeria too.

We know it’s delicious but don’t eat raw cookie batter

Raw cookie dough or cake batter should be avoided due to the risk of Salmonella in these products. The recipes call for eggs, and this poses risk for pregnant females.

In Conclusion

It might seem like your food choices are becoming slightly slender, considering heartburn, and being more at risk for the infections in this article.

But, that truly isn’t the case you can enjoy a wide array of food choices from meals to treats with keeping food safety in mind, too.

You have the choice of making vegan options for most pastries or baked goods as well. Be sure to check out recipes for a vegan version of what you would like to eat whenever possible.

Making foods at home will better your chances of avoiding listeria because you know the entire process the food underwent from preparation to the end result. Remember that pregnancy is a time to enjoy the abundance of foods out there.

Medical Disclaimer. All content and media on the MomInformed Website is created and published online for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice and should not be relied on as health or personal advice.


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Why can't you eat cold chicken when pregnant? ›

If you let cooked chicken, turkey or other poultry cool before you eat it, though, it can become contaminated with listeria bacteria. The cold chicken used in sandwich bars may also be contaminated with listeria. Listeriosis infection is a mild illness for you, but it can be very harmful to your baby.

Can I eat restaurant salad while pregnant? ›

Salads of all kinds are safe to enjoy while pregnant. However, raw produce should be carefully washed before enjoying it. Because washing is the key to safety, it's also best to prepare fresh, both at home and at restaurants.

What salad can you not eat when pregnant? ›

Avoid salads with deli meats, raw fish, raw eggs, smoked seafood and fish with high amounts of mercury. The occasional salad with canned, chunk light tuna may be OK because this type of tuna is lowest in mercury, but check with your doctor to determine a safe amount.

Can I eat mayonnaise while pregnant? ›

Note: Commercial mayonnaise, dressing, and sauces contain pasteurized eggs that are safe to eat. Safe Ways to Make Your Favorite Egg-containing Foods!

Can I have chicken salad pregnant? ›

The CDC recommends that you don't eat undercooked meat during pregnancy. But if you've eaten chicken salad or you ate sushi, you don't need to freak out, because most people who eat things will be just fine.

Can you have chicken salad from a restaurant while pregnant? ›

Chicken salad (fresh, canned or in sandwiches) is safe if it's commercially made. Store-bought chicken salad may not be safe in pregnancy. Other chicken salads such as bistro or Caesar might need to be checked before you eat them.

Can I eat Subway while pregnant? ›

Can Pregnant Women Eat At Subway? Subway sandwiches are safe for pregnant women to eat if they're heated until hot, rather than just warm. This means either microwaved for a few seconds or having the sandwich toasted – sometimes a little more than normal.

What takeout can I eat when pregnant? ›

Try choosing:
  • stir-fried chicken or vegetable dishes.
  • chicken, vegetable or prawn chop suey.
  • steamed fish or vegetable dishes.
  • a side of boiled rice rather than fried.
  • dishes with steamed tofu.

What not to eat when pregnant? ›

During pregnancy, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) encourages you to avoid: Bigeye tuna. King mackerel. Marlin.
Avoid undercooked meat, poultry and eggs
  • Fully cook all meats and poultry before eating. ...
  • Cook hot dogs and luncheon meats until they're steaming hot — or avoid them completely.

Can you eat hot dogs while pregnant? ›

Some ready-to-eat foods, such as hot dogs, can become contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes after they have been processed and packaged at the plant. If it's not possible to reheat hot dogs, don't eat them.

Can I eat Mcdonalds salad while pregnant? ›

Any pre-prepared salad runs the risk of listeria, so ask for a freshly made wrap without the lettuce or other salad in it. The mayonnaise is pasteurized, so is safe to eat as is the filling – just not the salad.

What salad dressing is OK when pregnant? ›

This may sound like a lot of restriction, but the good news is that store-bought salad dressings, are safe for pregnant women to eat. This includes mayonnaise, Kraft ranch, Caesar salad dressing, bleu cheese ranch dressing, and most other dressings.

Can you eat leftover pizza when pregnant? ›

Pizzas are safe to eat in pregnancy, as long they're cooked thoroughly and piping hot. Mozzarella is perfectly safe, but be cautious about pizzas topped with soft, mould-ripened cheeses, such as brie and camembert, and blue-veined cheeses, such as Danish blue.

Can you eat bacon while pregnant? ›

You can enjoy bacon safely during pregnancy. Just make sure to cook it thoroughly, until it's steaming hot. Avoid ordering bacon at a restaurant because you don't know how well it's cooked. If you want to avoid all risks completely, there are meat-free bacon alternatives available, like soy or mushroom bacon.

Is canned tuna safe during pregnancy? ›

Canned light tuna is listed among "best choices," which means two to three 4-ounce servings per week are safe to eat during pregnancy, according to the agency. Albacore tuna is listed among "good choices," which means one 4-ounce serving per week is safe to eat during pregnancy.

Does chicken salad contain eggs? ›

Southern style chicken salad is usually made with eggs, relish, red onion, celery, mustard, mayo and spices. Different people use slightly different ingredient in their southern chicken salad.

Can I eat chicken Caesar salad while pregnant? ›

Caesar salad, if freshly made, is safe for pregnant women to eat. Caesar Salad Dressing is only safe in pregnancy if the dressing is pasteurized because it usually contains raw egg.

Can I eat cooked deli chicken when pregnant? ›

Processed meats to avoid during pregnancy (unless they are heated to the proper temperature) include deli meat (turkey, ham, bologna, chicken, roast beef, prosciutto, and pepperoni), hot dogs, bacon, and sausages.

How common is listeria in pregnancy? ›

Pregnant women are about 10 times more likely to get listeriosis than other healthy adults. An estimated 1/6 of all Listeria cases occur in pregnant women.

Can I have egg salad while pregnant? ›

Egg salad is safe for pregnant women when it is prepared freshly at home or commercially made. Avoid egg salad, and all deli salads, that have been prepared onsite at a deli, grocery store, or restaurant because of the increased risk of dangerous bacteria.

Can you eat at a Chinese restaurant when pregnant? ›

The bottom line. During pregnancy, eating right-sized portions of foods with MSG isn't likely to land you with a slew of unpleasant symptoms — and it won't harm your growing baby, either. You can feel free to enjoy umami-flavored veggies, nuts, broths (and, yes, even the occasional Chinese takeout) without concern.

Can I eat Taco Bell while pregnant? ›

Most items on the Taco Bell menu are safe for pregnant women, because the meat in Taco Bell's products is fully cooked, and Taco Bell's cheese is a pasteurized, processed product (source: Taco Bell). Their sour cream is also made from pasteurized ingredients.

What kind of sandwich can a pregnant woman eat? ›

All sandwich bread is safe for pregnant women to eat, but you can make wiser choices when choosing bread. For example: Opt for brown or wholegrain bread over white. Choose wraps or flatbreads rather than bulky subs or bagels.

Is Fast Food OK during pregnancy? ›

Fast food usually isn't the best choice for expecting moms, since it's often packed with excessive amounts of salt, added sugar, and unhealthy fats.

Can I eat a burger when pregnant? ›

Pregnant women can safely eat burgers, so long as food safety and cooking temperatures are kept in mind. When ordering out, ask for a well-done burger during pregnancy and hold the lettuce to help minimize your risk of foodborne illness and keep you and baby full, satisfied, and safe.

Is it OK to carry groceries while pregnant? ›

Although what's considered heavy can differ from person to person, experts advise avoiding carrying heavy objects when you're pregnant. Straining to lift something can cause problems with your back and pelvis.

What is easy to eat while pregnant? ›

Eat a variety of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fat-free or low-fat dairy products, and protein foods. Choose foods and drinks with less added sugars, saturated fats, and sodium (salt). Limit refined grains and starches, which are in foods like cookies, white bread, and some snack foods.

What happens if you eat grapes while pregnant? ›

Grapes are generally fine to eat during pregnancy. They are a good source of fiber and water and they contain vitamins and antioxidants. 234 "You can safely include grapes in your diet during pregnancy by adding them to salads, mixing them into yogurts or porridge, and mixing them into a smoothie," suggests Dr. Kliman.

Can you eat shrimp while pregnant? ›

Yes, shrimp is safe to eat during pregnancy. But don't overdo it. Stick to two to three servings of seafood (including options like shrimp) a week and avoid eating it raw. Follow these recommendations and you'll satisfy your taste buds — and cravings — without getting yourself or your baby ill.

Can I eat fried meat while pregnant? ›

Fried foods, fatty meats, and certain cheeses should also be avoided if possible. Instead, opt for healthy choices to ensure you and baby are getting all of the nutrients you both need.

Can I eat steak while pregnant? ›

Yes, it's safe to eat most meat during pregnancy, as long as it's thoroughly cooked. Meat, including red meat, chicken and other poultry, and fish, is an excellent source of protein, iron and other vitamins and minerals. These are important for your health and your baby's development.

Can I eat a Big Mac while pregnant? ›

The sauce used in a McDonald's BigMac is pasteurised and considered safe to eat while you are pregnant. Again, ask the staff to prepare a fresh burger for you. When buying a BigMac, it's also a good idea to ask staff to leave off the lettuce, as pre-prepared salad items carry a risk for listeria contamination.

Can I eat ranch while pregnant? ›

The confusion seems to come from the belief that one of the ingredients is raw eggs. It isn't. Therefore, yes, you can eat ranch dressing while pregnant. However, always look for pasteurized dressing and keep it refrigerated at all times when not in use.

Can I have french fries during pregnancy? ›

French fries are safe during pregnancy. However, they are high in fat, calories, and sodium and should only be eaten in moderation.

Whats in the pregnancy salad? ›

For almost thirty years, pregnant women in LA have been making the trip to Caioti Pizza Café to munch on a salad that is said to induce labour. "The Salad" is Caioti's famous green combination of tossed romaine and watercress with walnuts and gorgonzola.

Can you eat lettuce while pregnant? ›

Yes, folic acid is in your prenatal, but during this critical time in early pregnancy it is important to keep it in your diet as well. Try folate-rich foods such as orange juice, whole wheat bread, potatoes, and dark leafy greens like spinach, broccoli, and romaine lettuce.

Can you eat ice cream when pregnant? ›

There is a lot of debate around which foods are safe to eat during pregnancy. Soft ice cream and processed products should be fine as they are made with pasteurised milk and eggs. This means that any risk of salmonella food poisoning has been eliminated.

Is it good for a pregnant woman to eat cold food? ›

The basic rule is that if it's usually served hot, eat it hot. And if it's usually served cold, eat it cold. You're especially vulnerable to bacteria when you're pregnant, so stay away from hot or cold food that's been sitting out at room temperature for two hours or more.

Can you eat scrambled eggs when pregnant? ›

It is safe for pregnant women to eat eggs as long as the eggs are completely cooked or pasteurised. Pregnant women can enjoy cooked eggs however should be aware to avoid raw eggs in foods such as aioli, homemade mayonnaise, cake batter or mousse.

Can I eat tuna mayo sandwich when pregnant? ›

Eating tuna - be that tinned or fresh, in a sandwich or in ready meals - is perfectly safe both when you're pregnant or trying to get pregnant.

How many times a week can I eat canned tuna while pregnant? ›

Yes. Canned light tuna is in the “Best Choices” category and it is fine to eat 2 to 3 servings per week. We recommend that you eat a variety of fish. You may wish to try other affordable fish in the “Best Choices” category such as canned salmon or sardines, frozen fish, or fresh fish that are at a reduced price.

What happens if you accidentally eat tuna while pregnant? ›

However, certain varieties of tuna can contain high levels of mercury, a compound that may harm your baby's health and result in a range of developmental problems. Moreover, eating raw tuna can increase the risk of a Listeria infection.

What happens if you eat cold meat while pregnant? ›

Listeria is killed by pasteurization and cooking. Cold cuts are now sprayed with a food additive that helps prevent Listeria before packaging. You don't need to panic if you are pregnant and have been eating deli meats. The probabilities are in your favor that nothing has happened.

Is it OK to eat cold rotisserie chicken when pregnant? ›

Deli-counter meats and cold cuts also pose the threat of listeriosis. Avoid eating cooked rotisserie chicken and lunch meat found in the refrigerated case at the deli-meat counter. If you can't live without your cold cuts, heat the deli meat before eating it. “You have to heat the meat until it is steaming,” Dr.

Can you eat cold cooked chicken breast when pregnant? ›

Food Standards

FSANZ recommends that pregnant women avoid cold, cooked, ready-to-eat meats, including barbecued chicken. The problem with cold meats (even if previously cooked) is that unborn babies are at an increased risk of listeriosis which is an illness caused by the listeria bacteria.

What happens when you eat cold food while pregnant? ›

Should you have cold water or cold drinks during pregnancy? It is absolutely safe. Pregnancy is an extension of the physiological body and not any sickness. So, all that your body was used to or capable of doing before the pregnancy, can be done during pregnancy too.

Can I eat Subway when pregnant? ›

Can Pregnant Women Eat At Subway? Subway sandwiches are safe for pregnant women to eat if they're heated until hot, rather than just warm. This means either microwaved for a few seconds or having the sandwich toasted – sometimes a little more than normal.

Can I eat hot dog while pregnant? ›

Some ready-to-eat foods, such as hot dogs, can become contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes after they have been processed and packaged at the plant. If it's not possible to reheat hot dogs, don't eat them.

What kind of sandwiches can a pregnant woman eat? ›

What sandwich fillers can I have?
  • Tuna. Fish is a good source of many vitamins and minerals. ...
  • Ham and cured meats. It is safe to eat cold, pre-packed meats such as ham and corned beef. ...
  • Cheese. Hard cheeses like cheddar are safe to eat during pregnancy. ...
  • Mayonnaise. It is safe to eat shop-bought mayonnaise during pregnancy.

What is the safest deli meat to eat while pregnant? ›

Non-dried deli meats such as bologna, roast beef and turkey breast. Dried and salted deli meats such as salami and pepperoni. Non-dried deli meats heated throughout to steaming hot.

What can I substitute for deli meat while pregnant? ›

Chrisholm recommends sticking to the fresher options. "A healthier and safer option from the deli counter would be in-house freshly roasted turkey, chicken, or roast beef," she says. It's a much safer way to get the protein you and your baby need.

Can you eat fried ice cream when pregnant? ›

All these cheeses, whether pasteurised or not, may contain a food poisoning bug that could harm your baby. Soft serve or fried ice cream – Sadly (for some), these are not safe dessert options during your pregnancy. Unpasteurised dairy products – Raw milk is a no-no, as it can carry disease-causing microbes.

Can you eat chicken salad cold? ›

Chicken salad is traditionally served cold, as in chilled. Yes, it can be eaten, warm, or room temperature but the flavors have time to meld together when it's been in the refrigerator for a couple hours.

Can I eat Panera salads while pregnant? ›

Women are generally advised to avoid bagged salad while pregnant unless you are washing it yourself. Unfortunately, because you have to trust that the restaurant is washing the bagged lettuce, it is best to avoid Panera's salads during your pregnancy.

What cold meats can you not eat when pregnant? ›

Cured meats are not cooked, so they may have parasites in them that cause toxoplasmosis. Liver and liver products have lots of vitamin A in them. This can be harmful to an unborn baby. Game meats may contain lead shot.

Can I eat leftover pizza when pregnant? ›

Pizzas are safe to eat in pregnancy, as long they are cooked thoroughly and are piping hot. Mozzarella is perfectly safe but be cautious about pizzas topped with soft, mould-ripened cheeses such as brie and camembert, and soft blue-veined cheeses, such as Danish blue.

Can I take a shower at night while pregnant? ›

Many women also wonder is it safe to take a shower at night while pregnant. There is no difference between showering at night, or earlier in the day - the most important thing is to listen to your bodies cues, and recognize if you are overheating.

What can't pregnant moms eat? ›

Avoid undercooked meat, poultry and eggs
  • Fully cook all meats and poultry before eating. Use a meat thermometer to make sure.
  • Cook hot dogs and luncheon meats until they're steaming hot — or avoid them completely. ...
  • Avoid refrigerated pates and meat spreads. ...
  • Cook eggs until the egg yolks and whites are firm.


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