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Need some ideas for your new Monk character? Want to make it unique and explore other archetypes? Lets subvert the monk and see what happens when we make the.

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Step of the Wind allows you to use your Bonus Action as either a Dash action (double movement speed) or a Disengage action (move without triggering opportunity attacks). Monks are one of the coolest martial fighters in D&D 5e. Check out this Monk guide for beginners to get started on the right foot.

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3. Monk-Cleric. Wizards of the Coast: Soul of Windgrace by Liiga Smilshkalne. Clerics are one of the most solid and versatile D&D classes. In addition to healing abilities, clerics have an extensive spell list and variety of domains to flavor your character and grant new abilities.

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Arya Stark enters a pretty interesting monk-type society that is obsessed with finding the right moment to strike the right target to have the largest impact for the best. That is like a shadow monk that tries to better the world by killing the few corrupting it. 1. danielkrutzelmann.

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A drow child raised in fighting pits barely remembering the horrors of forced fighting, during one fight a fire broke lose, turned out to be a riot. A lonely knight saved the child from rampaging thieves, took him across the sea to a monstery to study and heal his mind. 60 years later, the campaign started.

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A Ring of Shooting Stars D&D 5e magic item provides a unique long-ranged option for monks who want it. Its most basic ability is casting Faerie Fire, a powerful spell that can buff allies in combat. It also gives a pair of ranged attacks. Either of these expands a melee-focused monk's toolkit significantly.

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Dungeons & Dragons: 10 Backstory Ideas For A Monk. From temples to street rats, here are the best ways to start playing a Monk. Masters of martial arts, Monks are a fun and versatile class in Dungeons & Dragons. They might not be the strongest among martials, but they have an easier time avoiding most things thrown their way.

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5. The Astral Shell. The Astral Shell, a naturally armored monk who has achieved enlightenment. By believing in the power of their spirit, our monk has gained the ability to bring out their astral body, becoming a walking fortress of serenity. The Astral Shell is a wordplay used to describe this fun build.

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Dexterity, Wisdom and Constitution Are a Monk's Key Stats. A Monk's primary stat is Dexterity, as it not only fuels most of their attacks and damage rolls but also enhances their Armor Class and many of their skill checks. Acrobatics and Stealth are both key skills that will allow a Monk to keep their balance in tricky situations and get the.

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As monks can appear as normal people to outsiders, they can be spies or assassins (Shadow Monk). As they're basically armed while unarmed and armored while unarmored, they can also be bodyguards for diplomats or ambassadors. Old man who cleans but through cleaning has become master of the broom (staff) style. Mormon.

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This new D&D subclass could provide the Monk the ability to instantly recharge their stored spells with a spell that they countered or dispelled, limited by Ki points. Lastly, while the Kensei Monk from Xanathar's Guide to Everything allows for martial weapon-using Monk characters, a Monk D&D subclass based on Iaido, as well as fiction based.

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Pump strength and go with a race with the Powerful Build trait to focus on grappling. Then, use Step of the Wind to jump twice as far or twice as high (6 times, if you also have the 1st level Jump spell on; 30 ft vertical leap at 14 strength). Jump, let the enemy go, and slow fall down.

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Monk Class Details. Her fists a blur as they deflect an incoming hail of arrows, a half-elf springs over a barricade and throws herself into the massed ranks of hobgoblins on the other side. She whirls among them, knocking their blows aside and sending them reeling, until at last she stands alone. Taking a deep breath, a human covered in.

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2. fluffhoof. • 5 yr. ago. I got a character concept of a hunter from a small, peaceful tribe that got wiped out, and he's took up adventuring to share the tale. He'd be an open hand monk, his abilities a natural result of him getting better at hunting and attuning to the world. 2. FakeKyloRen. • 5 yr. ago.

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Fun and interesting Monk character concepts. Monk was one of my favorite classes in 1E AD&D, though it was hard to achieve with its high stat requirements but when I had the chance, I played one. One I had in AD&D was a Monk whose monastery practiced the fighting style of the Thri-Kreen (my favorite monster as you can tell from my name) who.

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Town drunk and / or street fighter. They call themselves a pugilist, others call them a thug. (also look at streetfighter for background ideas) Magically created 'perfect specimen' physically superior to all others, their entire body a weapon. City kid who fought to survive and not starve, taken in by a killer.